The 100 Black Men of South Metro Atlanta, Inc. is committed to educating and empowering our youth! What better way to ensure a promising future than investing in our youth. Knowledge is power and today’s youth is our future!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
–Nelson Mandela, Late President of South Africa and Political Activist


We Read Together is an incentive based community reading program that aims to make reading a strength for elementary school aged students. The program seeks to engage the parents and encourage them to create learning environments in the home. By creating set aside times for family reading and sharing without distractions, students connect with their parents around reading and learning.

Students are awarded incentives based on reaching reading milestones. These incentives include T-shirts with logo, Pizza Hut personal pizzas, personalized book shelves and a grand prize for a family trip to Six Flags amusement park or another family oriented excursion.

Community Volunteers are utilized to serve as group reading coaches (5/1 ratio max), the students are selected from varied reading levels in the student body. The focus is only on the students that are below reading level, but also include high performers, those students that read at or above reading level. A School Resource Liaison administers pre and post program testing as well as tracks results. Parents are invited to attend the program kickoff and are provided a free subscription to a magazine of their choice. This provides the parent with reading material, encouraging the families to read together. The reading coaches communicate frequently with parents via text messages to keep them abreast of their students’ assignments and progress towards the goals.

The program spans four-months (16 weeks) where participants meet with reading coaches on a weekly basis during school hours. Students are divided into groups of five based on reading levels. Reading coaches lead the 45-50-minute sessions which include group reading, phonics drills and collecting completed and issuing new books. Each week students are given books that can be taken home to read and return. Donated books are utilized for students to build a personal home library. A weekly progress report is provided for parents to sign off on as the student progresses towards their reading goals. Communication between reading coaches and parents is maintained via text messaging as well.

At the completion of the 16 week program the students are retested to gauge reading performance improvement. An awards ceremony is held in honor of the participants complete with certificates of completion.


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